The Garden

Enchanted Garden is an interdisciplinary arts festival celebrating the garden. In an annual gathering we bring together ideas and impressions about the garden from different approaches and disciplines.

It is in the nature of the garden to be a shape-shifting place – which is one reason why we want to make this our concept. While the first edition was a three-day event in the city of Vienna, with a programme including an exhibition, performances, concerts and workshops, the next round, in September 2024, will take place in the Gesäuse National Park, a less tamed landscape, with a film screening, artist talk and hands-on filmmaking classes under the stars. Find out more about Enchanted Garden 2024 here!


Enchantment (n.)

c. 1300, enchauntement, „act of magic or witchcraft; use of magic; magic power,“ from Old French encantement „magical spell; song, concert, chorus,“ from enchanter „bewitch, charm,“ from Latin incantare „enchant, cast a (magic) spell upon,“ from in- „upon, into“ (from PIE root *en „in“) + cantare „to sing“ (from PIE root *kan- „to sing“). Figurative sense of „allurement“ is from 1670s. Compare Old English galdor „song,“ also „spell, enchantment,“ from galan „to sing,“ which also is the source of the second element in nightingale.